1. Spring Break at Luna Park for Valentines Day http://www.fashionhayley.com/

  2. (★^O^★) can’t believe my photo has so much 

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  3. Sunflowers in inner city Melbourne http://www.fashionhayley.com/2014/02/sunflowers.html

  4. This fat girl isn’t afraid of colour or oversized shapes. Rules are made to be broken - socks with sandals rule! http://www.fashionhayley.com/

  5. Fat girl in double polka dots with exposed midriff - that’s me!


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    My Tokyo subway ticket ‘souvenir’. (Kyoto version here)

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  9. Styling work from last year which appeared in Oyster Mag

    Photography Gavriel Maynard
    Styling Hayley Hughes
    Make-up Alana Kobie
    Model Ruby @ Chic

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    Pony Realness!

    Rose Blair @ Ravensbourne college graduation fashion week


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  12. My lyf

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    Centre for Style launch on Tuesday!

    Ally, Is, Syd, Callan, Audrey, Lexi, Ashley, Willow, Oliver and Emman!

    Photo’s by Fashion Hayley (http://www.fashionhayley.com)

    yes lots of very good people

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    Ahcahcum Muchacha bags made it outside Japan!

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    We are SO stoked with Fashion Hayley’s most recent post featuring our Babydoll Dress in Galaxy!  Go here to read her blog post and here to purchase this dress.